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May 5, 2009, 3:05 pm
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I don’t think rap music has a negative effect on America’s youth. It’s just a song. People need to not take everything so rapliterally. If someone believes everything they hear in a rap song, then they have serious issues. Rap music is ridiculous. It’s there for mindless entertainment only. The rappers- entertainers.

Like, Lil Whyte’s song- Oxy Cotton.Oxycotton – Xanax Bars – Percocet and Lortab
Valiums – Morphine – patches – Exstacy.
” He even talks about taking the pills with Crown Royal. And smoking weed while under the influence of all of these pills. If one were to take all of these pills during one night, the person ingesting them would be sure to die. These pills wouldn’t balance out, in fact, they would have a terrible side effect. Overdose. Because MDMA (the active ingredient in Exstacy) shouldn’t be mixed with any kind of alcohol. They both dehydrate you and it’s very easy to die of dehydration. However, the weed would have nothing to do with the overdose.

The rappers that talk about doing drugs, in all honesty, don’t do drugs. Well, a few do. That’s only a small fraction (ex. Lil Wayne has admitting a smoking pot.) They use it for attention. They rap about whatever they think will sell. In the late ’80s and early ’90s rap and hip-hop was all about making a statement. Their lyrics were mostly politically based. They rapped about issues that were important. Nowadays, they only rap about women, money, cars, drugs, and booze. They rap about what will sell to my generation. Everyone is so wrapped up in this material world, that’s all they know to sing about.

And I’m not bashing rap at all. I love it. Its entertaining. Their entertainers. That’s what they do for a living. All of these rappers are talking about how “hard” they go. But when they get caught in a bind, they always have their public relations guy get them out of trouble. Rap is fake. I don’t think this is influencing the youth of today to be anything wrong. If anything, it’s teaching one how to brag and be fake.


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