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Boom, snap…crash.
April 27, 2009, 3:03 pm
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car-crashLike Mrs. Davis, I was also in a terrible car crash. My friend was driving down the road, and due to an oncoming car she swerved and run into the ditch. The car flipped one and a half times and landed on a tree. We had to go to the hospital. We weren’t wearing our seatbelts. The paramedics said we shouldn’t have lived through that crash.

When I drive, I make sure I’m safe. I don’t do stupid tricks or speed too much. I’m scared of that. I don’t like fast driving either. I’ll cry if someone likes to drive like an idiot.

Teens can be safer drivers by not driving drunk or high. Or under the influence of any other substance. Driving drunk is just stupid. I don’t have any kind of pity for someone who is driving drunk and crashes. They’re stupid and they did that to themselves. I think if teens are going to party (which they will) they should have a DD, or have someone’s “cool parent” come and pick then up once they’re too smashed to drive.

I don’t like driving with boys because they drive…well like boys. They speed. The do stupid car tricks. They slide their cars around a parking lot. That scares the crap out of me. I’d rather sweet talk my way into letting me drive their cars. I trust myself. I don’t trust them, at all. Some boys are good drivers, but other just trying to show off for the girl in the passenger seat.

I don’t think old people should drive either. Once someone hits the age of 65+ they should have to take their driver’s test all over again. Old people lose their sight and their sense of hearing. It’s not just the young people that can cause accidents, it’s the old people too. It’s only fair. If I have to take my driver’s test when I’m young and unexperienced, then an old person should have to take theirs when their old and senile.


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