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Need a stress ball?
April 7, 2009, 3:23 pm
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Students face a lot of stress in high school, but you already knew this. The stress doesn’t build up until one is a upperclassmen. The idea of college gets into your head, then a major. Plus, one probably has a job they have to focus on as well. It’s understandable for a student to get stressed.

computing_stressSelf image is another thing one may stress over. People want to be liked, hands down. Everyone is constantly seeking approval from someone else. And not getting that approval that one so desires will bring them down- stress them out. That’s why some people dress the way they do. Self image. That’s why all these girls spend x amount of dollars on Coach purses. They want people to think highly of them, and if they don’t get that- they’ll just die! In Oak Grove High School, it’s all about material items and their self image.

Students also stress out about their grades. Some children were raised to always make good grades and study hard, and they weren’t congratulated for doing their best if their grade wasn’t an A+. I know that would stress them out. Parents always want their children to do their best, but when their best isn’t good enough then that’s hard. Most high school students are balancing a job as well. Working part time, dealing with parents, and grades- never good. Stressful.

The idea of college stresses one out as well. Thinking of a career- something you’re going to do for the rest of your life. I’m stressing about that, but I’m not too worried. Between the job, the self image, the pressure from the parents, and the good grades you may/may not get- there’s a lot students stress about. It all just depends on how someone will handle all of that stress.


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