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Affluenza- America’s Period?
March 30, 2009, 3:10 pm
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Affluenza by definition is “The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtness caused by the pursuit of the American Dream. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth.” It sounds to me like a period. Well, it is a period we’re going through. The economy is crap, and we all know it. Everyone is trying to live like it’s no big deal. They spend and spend, only to prove to their neighbors that they can keep up.

People are always trying to prove to themselves and others that they’re somewhat super human. Nothing can bring them down. Not the economy, not the flu, not anything. That’s why the drive the nice cars, the Lexuses, the BMWs. They live in the nicest houses in Canebreak. No one knows that they’re in debt up to their eyebrows. They’re not going to let it show. They’re too proud to file for any kind of help. That’s them though. Not my problem.

Affluenza is most common in the United States. Most people here are set on having financial success and material possessions. The ideas are put into peoples’ minds by televison, mostly. All of the commercials for the hottest, “must have” items- the nice clothes, the shoes, the cars, the houses, the appliances, everything anyone could want could be in your house in the blink of an eye with 0% APR for 2 years.

This is just a period the U.S is going through. It’s a modern-day repeat of the Roaring Twenties and right after that- boom- The Great Depression. It took something as terrible as that to make people get their priorities in line. It’s going to happen with all the deficit spending we’re doing. I don’t doubt it at all. It’s going to happen over and over again. I never ending cycle. A period.


Dress me up, dress me down.
March 23, 2009, 3:21 pm
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I personally don’t mind school uniforms. In my opinion, there’s no point in complaining over something that’s not going to change. It saves a lot of clothes for the weekend for one to wear. I mean, I wear the same clothes everyday, so uniforms for Oak Grove wouldn’t bother me one bit. The only problem I have would be, it would be very hard to find khaki skinnies. Plus, I’ll be graduated, so I don’t care.
I think Oak Grove is only getting uniforms just because Petal got them. It’s like a “keeping up with the Jones'” mentality. Oak Grove wants to prove that they’re the best, and they’ll do almost anything to prove it. Plus, it just looks so nice, doesn’t it? We all look so orderly. Conforming. Like a single unit of warriors. All the mothers and fathers are so proud of their child, graduating from a school with uniforms. It’s a better reflection on them. They voted for this. Private school? No way. They’d rather spend money of their Lexus and 60-year-old scotch. It’s not like the uniform is going to make their child a success. But we’ll just let them think that way.
I mean, I really don’t care whether we get uniforms or not. I’ll be graduated, so I could care less about the underclass men. They’re still in the stage where everything has to be brand-name. Clothes from American Eagle or Hollister. If the school is getting uniformsbb00 to end the “class system” that Oak Grove has, then it’s not going to end. People are still going to wear American Eagle and Hollister clothes; they’re just going to get their khakis and polos from their favorite stores. The children are going to have a fit if their uniform has to be special made or come from a particular store. I don’t think the mothers and fathers are going to like that either. They might regret voting upon this.
As my opinion is neutral, there are many pros and cons to school uniforms. Some pros of school uniforms are: saves time. Kids won’t have to wake up as early because they know what they’re going to wear. The gang members are easier to identify. Children would focus on each other’s personalities rather than outer appearance. But, for every pro, there’s a con. Uniforms might shatter the idea of personal identity for a child. And students will always find ways to bully each other. If someone gets their khakis from American Eagle- they might pick on someone who got their khakis from Wal-Mart. This is just never ending.

With all this being said, there’s definitely pros and cons to school uniforms, and we really don’t know why Oak Grove is doing this. The School Board suggested it, parents voted on it, and now it’s going to happen. Not that it matters to the class of ’09 or the class of ’10. We’ll be done with school. The sophomores this year and all the kids following them are the ones that have to wear the uniforms.